Why you should start learning to code TODAY

It takes time

Like any skill in life, it takes time to learn how to code. You can't simply Google "how to be a fullstack web developer" and learn it over night. There's too much to know, and it's a constantly moving goal line. The longer we wait, the more complex technology gets.

The best time to start...

Like investing.. the best time to start was 20 years ago. The next best time to start is today.

We as humans cannot control time. So starting today is your next best opportunity! I've mentored tonnes of people who have been able to learn how to code within the span of a year, and landed pretty amazing tech jobs after that. You can too, if you start learning to code today.


Being able to work in IT/tech is very rewarding. One of the biggest perks is freedom, especially if you end up working in a remote role. Imagine getting paid well to not drive to work. Imagine having a skill that will never go out of style. Or worse... Imagine being laid off from your job today and struggling to find work after — that rarely happens in technology.

You can go to doctors appointments, make up the time you didn't put in this morning because you wanted to sleep in an extra hour, watch your kids grow up, take long lunch breaks and so on.

It's like you're the boss without the responsibility of having to run a company.

Change your career

When polled, most people said they were getting into web development to change their careers for any number of reasons: flexibility, pay, health, and so on. Think of taking The Ultimate Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp as enrolling in a skilled trade as an apprentice. Apprentices need time to grow and flourish — web development is no different. It's a BIG skill that takes time. And if you want to change your career you need to start today.

The world needs more developers

There's a lot of competition out there, it's true. There are thousands of devs pouring into the industry every month. But most of them fail to get a job (something we cover thoroughly in the bootcamp), or get discouraged and exit the industry...

But let me tell you this.. as you get better and better and continue to learn new things, you become more and more valuable. And the world needs good web developers who aren't scared to tackle real world problems.

And trust me... there's A LOT of work for you out there. Whether you want to freelance or find a job with a company — there's so much work I'm drowning in it. And that can be you, if you start learning to code today.

Market demand

O.m.g. There are so many available jobs out there it's insane. Truly, I've never seen any other industry need steady fulltime work all year from any other industry as bad as web development. People are making apps, websites, applications, and programs more and more every year. These people need skilled trades people to write the code. They need YOU.

I personally have so much work coming my way I constantly turn down work so I can focus on projects that are important to me. Imagine having that luxury... being able to say no to work you don't want.

The world needs a lot of good web developers, seriously. Start today, focus hard for a year, and this time next year you could be in an amazing web development role.

Working on fun things

If you have a tedious or boring job right now, you might just be looking for a change like this. Every week is a new problem to solve. Don't feel overwhelmed by that statement, we also have processes for breaking down these problems into smaller, easier to manage, problems. And we tend to work in teams these days, so there's usually a lot of support.

In web development, a lot of problems are similar, too. Different, but similar. So you can take one weeks worth of experience and apply it to another problem. And it's FUN to sit down, throw on some music and write a bunch of code.

Be proud of your work

I'm extremely proud of my work. Always have been for as long as I can remember.

I once worked in a machine shop, and while I liked the work, what I ended up creating was only seen by a handful of people and never recognized for its awesome work.

In web development, I get to work with the likes of NASA, Mozilla and the NHS (fun fact: all of them run Python, Django, and Wagtail websites!). There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about how proud I am to be able to work alongside the Mozilla web development team.


Let's be honest... jobs often boil down to money. It's a subject nobody wants to talk about but is super important to acknowledge. If I came to you and offered you 2 identical jobs, one paying $15/hour and one that will pay you $45/hour — which would you take?

It's obvious, right?

In web development, the jobs can pay A LOT. And in a lot of cases, it can even pay more than what doctors or dentists make.. let that sink in for a moment.

As a second year machinist, I made CAD $23/hour (because I'm Canadian). As a first year junior web developer, I started at $28/hour. I made $5/hour more just because I knew how to write some basic website code. Today as a professional contractor, I charge CAD $75/hour and often times I'll even charge more than that. And you can too, if you start learning how to code today.


Have a big, scary and fun idea you want to work on and show the world? You have two options when it comes to web development:

a) Pay high rates for a web developer or agency, or
b) Learn to code it yourself

I've started a number of companies over the years, and I've been able to code them all myself. It even brought me to Ireland for a while to work on a startup with some friends over there. Or as I like to put it: I got paid to help start a company in Ireland. All because I knew how to code websites. Awesome, right?

How to get started

First, you need to decide this is what you want to do. If you aren't sure if you want to get into web development, you'll like end up wasting your time.

Second, you need to put away your distractions like Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, YouTube and your phone.. and start watching some tutorials in The Ultimate Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp.

Lastly, you need to practice what you learn in every video. And have faith that I'm directing you in the right direction (I am! I'm teaching you all the skills I have so you can, hopefully, one day come work with me at my dream job).

What are you waiting for? Let's make your dreams come true! Pre-enroll early by clicking this link.