Thinking about fullstack web development?

There are 3 primary disciplines to coding a website: frontend, backend and fullstack. Let's take a look at each of these including the economic reason you should learn fullstack web development

What is frontend?

Frontend is the visual component to a website.

It consists of HTML, CS and JavaScript. That's it. There are no other options, there are no other technologies you need to learn. 

Now inside of CSS and JavaScript can be "libraries" and "frameworks". But ultimately, it's all written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Libraries and frameworks like React and Vue are JUST fancy JavaScript. That's all there is to it. 

But that's not exactly "small". JavaScript is in charge of website interactivity and can get nasty and complex, as any programming language can. 

When you write HTML you are writing basic page structure. This text for instance is in a <p> element (a paragraph). 

When you write CSS you are writing the styling (design) of a page. The background color of this entire page is changed from default white to what you see here using CSS.

When you write JavaScript you are writing the interactivity. It's the stuff that happens on your page without having to refresh the page or be redirected. Little window popups (called modals), confirmation alerts, and most of your fun interactions are written in JavaScript.

And JavaScript is the ONLY programming language on the frontend. The other two, HTML and CSS, are called scripting languages. They aren't programming languages because they can't hold higher values or functionality. 

Should you learn Frontend Web Development?

In my opinion: yes. But don't stock at frontend web development. Frontend, AKA FE, is the lowest hanging fruit in the industry. Almost everybody learns frontend first, which means competition for FE jobs is HIGH and wages are often a lot lower than backend development roles.

What is backend?

Backend web development has to do with the code that lives on the server. Whereas frontend coding is all browser-based coding, backend means the source code is hidden. 

Whenever you log into a website, that's typically a backend programming language doing the data processing, talking to a database, setting your cookies, remembering you, and so on. Every time you like a photo on social media, a backend language processes that and saves it in the database. 

Backend programming languages come in SO MANY shapes and sizes. You can use Python, PHP, Java, are pretty much any other programming language you can think of — including JavaScript for backend (called Node.js; but don't be certain that frontend JS and backend JS are the same thing - they aren't! The only thing they have in common is using JavaScript as a programming language. The way you write it can be extremely different.)

Because backend web development isn't exactly "easy" (you're writing code that ends up living on another computer) there's less competition and less competition (with high demand) means higher wages. 

Should you learn Backend Web Development?

Absolutely you should. In fact, I would suggest learning backend before frontend development purely because there are more jobs that pay higher and you're fighting with less people for the same job. 

What is fullstack?

Fullstack is simply frontend AND backend. Back in my day you had to do both. These days it's split into two disciplines. But if you REALLY want to make the big bucks, fullstack web development is where it's at. 

Fullstack developers tend to be more valuable to a company because one person can do the work of two people. Typically fullstack devs aren't as great as frontend or backend as their dedicated peers are, but they are more rounded, understand more, and can achieve more in less time. 

The nice thing: Fullstack developers are RARE these days AND they get paid way more than either frontend or backend developers.

Should you learn Frontend AND Backend Web Development (Fullstack)?

Yes yes yes a million times yes. Don't just settle for the low hanging fruit that frontend offers, and don't settle for backend because in web development that can be limiting (ie. Knowing Python but not knowing HTML can be extremely detrimental to your career). 

If you go the FULLSTACK route you'll be set for life. 

Yes, there's A LOT more to learn, but there's also a lot more fun to be had at your job and fullstack typically offers you even higher wages than backend development. 

For instance, I made $29/hour as a frontend developer for a few years. That was good money. 

Then I moved to backend and made $42 per hour, which is a HUGE jump. 

Then I decided to do both, and now I make over $70 per hour writing frontend AND backend code. Plus I get to work with clients like NASA and Mozilla because I have the well-rounded skillsets of both a frontend and backend web developer. 

This could be you. Seriously. There's SO MUCh demand for fullstack web developers that if you can get good enough I could probably get you a job or at least a short contract.

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My final thoughts about frontend vs. backend vs. fullstack

Learn both frontend and backend. Get paid 2x for doing the same job you'll eventually end up doing anyway. 

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