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  • What people have been saying about The Ultimate Fullstack Web Development Bootcamp

People have been saying great things about this Bootcamp. Currently, it's the highest rated course on Udemy.

People have been saying amazing things. Below are just a few of the reviews that Coding Bootcamp Members have said about this program.

What people dislike about this bootcamp:

  • No negative feedback to date.

More value being added every month!

This bootcamp is one-of-a-kind. What would typically cost thousands of dollars is now just $20 on Udemy (when they run promotions) or $15 if you join the next cohort (I'll send you an email about it if you join early)

We are constantly adding new modules, helpful articles to this website, and we're in constant search of new things to add.

For example, in the first week we asked what people would rather learn: more React.js or Flask framework? The members voted on React so we created a React 201 module.

We also added an exclusive Facebook group where people can ask Kalob questions directly and have unlimited access to the bootcamp instructors.

It's a risk-free online course

This bootcamp is made up of over 25 modules that will take you from A-Z as a web developer. You'll go from novice to coding ninja in just a few months, and you'll become a confident coder so you can start applying for job right after this bootcamp.

You can join this Bootcamp with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Don't like it? Didn't learn anything useful? REFUND!

What other Bootcamp in the world can offer you that?

Consider joining the next cohort (group) of students entering the bootcamp. We typically have upwards to 100 people in each cohort so make sure you sign up early using the big link at the bottom of this page.